IT positions at Deloitte

Are you into high-tech? Do you want to be at the design and implementation of technological, strategic and digital solutions in the biggest Czech companies? Are you interested in an international environment? and do you want to to work on projects abroad? With us you have a unique opportunity. So give it a try.

Open positions
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Are you a junior candidate?

Hours of tutorials and workshops? Well, you're not going to get that at us. With us, you learn as you go. With the support of more experienced colleagues, you solve real situations. If you run into a problem and you don't know what to do. ask. Or - as they say - you peek over someone's shoulder. In our experience. we know that's how you learn the most.

Have you done anything yet?

You don't want to work on one application or solution from morning to night anymore, but you feel the need to do something here and there. change things around? Then don't stop reading. Our projects are both local and international. Simpler and more complex. We are all about making sure that the project you work on something more than just lines of code.

If you're already experienced, then we assume that after a short apprenticeship you'll jump on the bandwagon called project. That you know what you're doing. And if you happen to be unsure, you just ask. Working for us is exciting in its own way, and it's definitely not boring because... you never know exactly what problem or challenge you'll encounter.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for passionate partners: analysts, UX/UI designers, architects, developers, devops, CRM specialists, cloud, data or AI experts. In short, those who love modern technology and still looking for new ways to use technology to improve the world.

Why work for us?

Because we work on amazing projects with cutting-edge technology. For the biggest companies in the Czech Republic. You will also try out international projects. You can get to something completely unique. And also because you can grow and move forward with us. to take your career to the next level. But mostly because we're a great bunch of people who help each other, and you'll have a lot of fun at work and outside of work. And that together is a pretty good package.