FAQ – Frequently asked questions about working at Deloitte

Selection Process

    • The course of the selection process varies depending on the department/team where the position is being filled.
    • After sending the application with a resume, the candidate is typically contacted by a recruiter within a week with feedback and possibly a request for additional resume details. If they meet the criteria for the position, they are invited for an interview, which can be held online or in person.
    • Interviews can take various forms. It might be a discussion about the candidate's experiences, their motivation and expectations from both sides, they might be given a case study to work on, a knowledge test, or they might be invited to an assessment center.
    • The number of interview rounds varies depending on the position and department. However, one can generally expect 1-3 rounds within a single selection process. More detailed information will always be provided by the recruiting recruiter.
    • Throughout the selection process, the candidate is always informed about the status of the process and feedback after each round.
    • If the candidate is selected, they receive an official offer from us.
  • Depending on the number of selection process rounds, the duration of the process spans several weeks.


    • Within the company, advanced English is required in all departments due to projects for foreign clients, working with documentation in English, or communicating with colleagues who do not speak Czech.
    • Some professions, e.g., in auditing, taxes, law, or financial consulting, involve working with Czech legislation, tax, and legal documents, which are mainly in Czech. Understanding and active knowledge of the language is necessary depending on the team and department. Candidates without knowledge of Czech can mostly find jobs in technical fields, i.e., in IT positions, in some consulting teams, and in Risk Advisory.
  • Working hours at Deloitte are flexible, but you'll most often meet colleagues between 9 am and 6 pm. It always depends on mutual agreement with the supervisor considering work and personal preferences.

  • If you join a department whose agenda is client projects, you can expect that your more senior colleagues will gradually involve you in client communication.

  • Traveling to clients depends on the department and the client's requirements.


  • The starting salary is determined after mutual discussion during the interview. It depends on the candidate's expectations, experiences, and the position they're applying for.

  • During the fiscal year, there are semi-annual and annual evaluations, which also include a discussion about a salary increase.

Education and Development

  • Yes, every Deloitte employee is encouraged for personal development.

    • E-learning focused on soft skills and hard skills.
    • Internal training and workshops on soft skills and hard skills.
    • Mandatory professional exams within the department, for example, ACCA, tax consultant exams, attorney exams, and more.
    • External training and certifications to improve qualifications, which can be taken after consulting with the supervisor.
    • Every employee has their personal coach from the management team, helping them in their professional development and working towards predefined goals.


  • Every full-time employee is entitled to 25 days of vacation and 2 sick/bonus days.

  • Unfortunately, working from abroad is not possible.

  • Yes, Deloitte offers a hybrid work model. The specific setup subsequently depends on the arrangement and setting within each team.

    • Within the Czech Republic, traveling between branches is possible, depending on the team's arrangement and the need to travel to clients.
    • Traveling and working from other branches worldwide isn't common, but negotiation is possible if necessary. It generally pertains to more senior roles, though.
    • For full-time employees, we offer these benefits:
      • Contribution to Cafeteria, where you can easily draw various benefits - for example, meal vouchers, pension insurance, fitness passes, vacation contribution, etc.;
      • Mobile phone with a tariff that can also be used for private purposes;
      • Flexible working hours and the option of working from home;
      • 25 days of vacation and 2 sick/bonus days;
      • Compensation for sickness or paternity leave and the possibility of leave for serious family reasons;
      • Travel insurance;
      • Legal, psychological, and financial counseling;
      • Internal and external training;
      • Fitness facilities in the building;
      • Sports and cultural events;
      • Refreshments at the workplace (coffee, tea, fruit, etc.);
      • Multisport card.
    • For part-time student employees, we offer:
      • Meal vouchers;
      • Compensation for public transport;
      • 25 days of vacation and 2 sick/bonus days;
      • Travel insurance;
      • Refreshments at the workplace (coffee, tea, fruit, etc.);
      • Sports and cultural events;
      • Mobile phone with a tariff that can also be used for private purposes;
      • Internal and external training;
      • Fitness facilities in the building.