Tax Advisory

Tax and accounting laws often change, making it a challenging task for many companies to navigate them. For this reason, we assist companies in addressing specific accounting and tax cases, or even take over their entire accounting agenda. Thanks to an innovative approach to tax planning, process transformation through digitalization and automation, effective compliance with tax legislation, and a quality-based approach, companies can cast aside their tax concerns.

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Personal Income Taxation

In this team, we work with people, numbers, and tax issues. We specialize in preparing income tax returns and handling immigration issues. We also help companies set up employee compensation and benefit processes.

Corporate Income Taxation

We assist our clients with various tax processes. Whether it's about processing tax returns, questions on international taxation, M&A processes, creating business structures, or negotiations with financial authorities – all using the latest technologies. Thus, we have a holistic view in the technological, accounting, tax, and legal sectors.

Indirect Taxes

In this team, taxes meet modern technology. Part of our work is consulting in areas like VAT, excise, or energy taxes. Collaborating with our programmers, we also develop our own software tools which are used by both us and our clients. We actively pursue the development of applications that accelerate and refine tax operations.

Transfer Pricing

We assist multinational corporations with setting up and reviewing their transfer prices to comply with local tax regulations. Our work isn't just about memorizing thousands of paragraphs - creativity, analytical thinking, and the determination to continuously learn are key.

Financing of Innovation Projects

With the team, we guide our clients through the entire process of applying for financial support, be it subsidies or tax deductions. We are also interested in the development of new technologies in various sectors (food, construction, pharmacy, IT…) and the current trends driving them.

BPS: Accounting, Tax, and Payroll Services

For businesses, our BPS (Business Process Solutions) team provides outsourcing of financial statements, processes tax returns and Intrastat reports, and offers consultancy in the tax, payroll, and HR sectors.


One of the unique aspects of Deloitte is the development of our proprietary tax technologies, which we not only use internally but also offer our clients for implementation in their companies. And, of course, colleagues from the tax department actively participate in the development of these solutions - both in brainstorming functionalities and in subsequent deployment to the client. The actual application programming is managed by our internal team of developers.