IT positions at Deloitte

Are you a fan of cutting-edge technology? Would you like to be involved in the design and implementation of technological, strategic and digital solutions in the largest Czech companies? Are you interested in international environment and want to work on projects abroad? You have a unique opportunity with us, so give it a try!

Job openings

Are you a junior candidate?

Hours of tutorials and workshops? Surely not with us. You learn as you go. With the support of senior colleagues, you tackle real-life situations. When you encounter a problem and do not know what to do about it, you can ask. Or - as the saying goes - you peek over someone’s shoulder. In our experience, this is how you learn the most.

Any experience already?

You do not want to work on one application or solution from dawn to dusk, but you feel the need to tweak something now and then? Then keep reading. Our projects are both local and international, both simple and complex. We always make sure that the project you work on represents something more than just lines of code.

If you are already experienced, then we assume that after a short training you will get in the flow called project; you know what you do. If you are in doubt, you just ask. Working for us is exciting in its own way, and it is certainly not boring because... you never know exactly what issue or challenge you might encounter.

The world of technology is not static, it changes very quickly and we ourselves have to invest in development. I myself have to find time to follow and think about new trends and be able to bring them to market together with my team.Pavel Šiška, managing partner, Consulting

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for passionate teammates: analysts, UX/UI designers, architects, developers, devops, CRM specialists, cloud, data or AI experts. In short, those who love modern technology and are always on a quest for new ways to improve the world with technology.

Why you should join us

The reason might be that we work on amazing projects with cutting-edge technology, for the biggest companies in the Czech Republic. You will get to try international projects and you can get your hands on something completely unique. With us, you will be able to grow a lot and move forward. But, most importantly, we are a great team whose members help each other out and with whom you will enjoy a lot of fun both on and off work. And that is quite a package all together.