Technology Consulting

Achieving maximum effect and added value from investments in the areas of finance, supply chain, and IT operations requires a comprehensive view of key business functions. We help our clients with the entire transformation process, from strategy preparation through design and implementation of processes and solutions to subsequent technological support. So, whether an entrepreneur needs to implement a new ERP system in their company or is entering the world of eCommerce and needs an experienced guide, our colleagues from the Technology Consulting department will be happy to assist.

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AI & Data

We teach our clients how to handle data correctly and how to use it for key decisions. We assist them with the implementation of modern technologies, innovations, and artificial intelligence, and we also design solutions for process automation.

System Integration and Technology

Our projects are related to digitization. We use the latest technologies and develop our solutions on AWS, GCP, or Azure clouds, utilize real-time streaming on Kafka, and mobile development on Kotlin, and for us, the microservice architecture is a given. We assist right from the initial architecture design through to the development of the given solution, integration, and final realization and implementation with the client.

Digital and eCommerce

In this team, we mainly deal with eCommerce and digital transformations, system integrations, and digital strategies with overlaps into other areas. The broad spectrum of our services includes technological transformations as well as setting up customer-oriented services. For us, precision and creativity are essential when preparing individual solutions.

Intelligent Automations

We provide consulting services to clients in various fields using modern technologies, innovations, and artificial intelligence, and we design comprehensive solutions for process automation. We shadow individual activities in the environment of our client and transform manual activities into RPA software scripts.


focus on implementing modern solutions such as S4/Hana or SAP Cloud, which includes strategy development, process analysis, technical implementation, project management, process design, employee training, and solution testing. Besides the mentioned system implementations, another SAP Procurement team focuses on the strategic and operational purchasing solutions of our clients, thus offering the integration of their business processes with SAP Ariba, SAP Concur, and Coupa systems.

Digital Customer Solution / Salesforce

Salesforce tools are cloud solutions for customer relationship management. We assist, for example, with the implementation of systems for managing business processes, prepare solutions for call centers, or design strategies for marketing automation. As one of the largest Salesforce partners, we also have our own accelerators that we use in our projects.