Financial Advisory

We assist clients in addressing all business-related questions, challenges, and opportunities tied to finances. We offer them advisory services during any purchase or sale of a company, standing by their side throughout this business cycle. We participate, for instance, in planning and executing strategic investments through mergers or acquisitions, in the valuation of companies, or in their reorganization. We also represent companies in front of authorities, during inspections, or in various legal disputes. Thanks to our close collaboration in the Central European region, we provide advisory services to clients whose business activities go beyond the borders of the Czech Republic.

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Corporate Finance

Closing a good deal is an art, and our team is dedicated to this art. On exciting projects, we craft selling strategies, prepare informational memorandums, assist in finding potential buyers, and aid in negotiating the entire transaction... In short, we help clients with everything around corporate finances.

Real Estate

Real estate is a topic that pertains to virtually every business sector. We assist clients with the sale or purchase of large development projects and commercial properties, or we also handle their valuation.

Valuation & Financial Modeling

In this team, we help clients evaluate shares, enterprises, and other tangible and intangible assets. Our projects include, for example, the valuation of legal disputes, arbitrations, and start-ups. Beyond that, we also monitor economic and other trends from various sectors.

M&A Transaction Services & Value Creation Services

We assist large investors in their transactions and advise them in their decision-making. We frequently work with financial statements, informational memorandums, or even profit and loss statements. Subsequently, we prepare financial or pre-investment checks (due diligence) for clients. We also deal with post-acquisition integrations and strategic consultancy in the area of commercial due diligence.


Our work focuses on identifying workplace fraud, bribery, and corruption. We specialize in processing data and evidence, enabling us to successfully conduct forensic investigations. Our data analyses play a crucial role in detecting suspicious transactions and identifying relevant evidence. We support clients in legal disputes, evaluate risks, and ensure compliance with legal regulations. Overall, we contribute to maintaining our clients' financial integrity and ensuring a fair and ethical financial environment.