Enabling Services

Without a good support system, even the best business plan has little hope of success. That's why it's important to have talented employees, well-set business processes, and also to ensure quality media representation. Deloitte's Enabling Services department ensures that all our services, projects, and especially our employees have all of these. Thanks to their mutual collaboration, all teams contribute to the success of the entire company.

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Human Resources

From recruitment to the termination of employment – the HR department accompanies employees throughout their corporate life. The Talent Acquisition team focuses on finding talents, while colleagues from Talent Branding know how to approach them. The Operations team deals with the legislative aspect of HR; the HR Business Partners team takes care of achieving both company and individual goals, and the Learning & Development team assists in enhancing our skills.

Internal Finance

Proper financial management is key for every company, and adhering to established rules is a must. At Deloitte, this vital task is handled by our internal finance team, which oversees the entire process from invoicing to financial analysis.

Office Management

Not only are our colleagues from the Office Management team responsible for warmly welcoming guests at the reception, but they also tackle any problem that arises in our offices and promptly rectify it. They create a pleasant environment where everyone is happy to meet.

In-House Legal

Ensuring compliance with laws, revising contracts, and providing expert advice – all fall within the competencies of our team of internal lawyers. These experts carefully ensure that we at Deloitte adhere to our own company rules, regulations, and procedures.

Clients & Markets

Online marketing, PR, media content, events, podcasts, videos, graphics, and much more. We create all this internally within the company. Organizing a workshop, panel discussion, or gala evening is no problem for us. Our streams from Deloitte Studios connect colleagues and clients around the world, showcasing our expertise in unconventional ways.

Information Technology

From installing laptops and mobiles, initial logins and settings, to resolving any IT issues, colleagues from the Technology Point assist at Deloitte.

Travel Desk

The Travel Desk team is an invaluable helper in travel matters, car rentals, flight bookings, accommodation arrangements, and even tailor-made event organization or corporate team building.