Deloitte Legal

We are a large law firm and we specialize in both specialized and traditional legal advice. We provide our clients with a high standard of legal services with a reach into specific sectors. Within our practice, we handle cases that often require the involvement of many experts in tax and financial advisory, energy, transportation, ICT, and many other areas. And not just at the local level, but throughout the Central and Eastern Europe region. Thanks to our multidisciplinary approach and cooperation with our global network of offices, we can offer our clients the highest possible quality services tailored to their needs.

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Banking & Finance

In this team, we provide comprehensive advice in the field of organization financing (including banks, insurance companies, fintech firms, and other entities). We assist clients with questions related to credit, acquisition, export, and retail financing, including ensuring compliance with regulations. We prepare contractual documentation for clients and represent them in licensing, sanction, and other proceedings before the CNB and other authorities.

Labor Law

Our services in the field of labor law range from ensuring legal audits, assisting in recruitment or dispatching employees, preparing and revising employment contracts, to advising on employee remuneration and benefits. Experts from this team also assist companies in restructuring or in mass/collective actions towards employees (mass layoffs, collective bargaining). Naturally, we also represent clients in potential lawsuits.


In the area of digital transformation, we help our clients set up intellectual property rights protection, prepare and revise contractual documentation, and register rights with relevant authorities. We also represent our clients in various disputes related to copyrights, trademark rights, domain names, and more. Our experts ensure all necessary checks of intellectual property rights for companies and also advise on collective rights management.

Commercial Law

Experienced lawyers from the commercial law team specialize in a wide range of legal challenges from our clients' business practice. We address contractual issues, including negotiating various types of contracts and preparing business terms, and also specialize in civil litigation and arbitration, where we represent clients to achieve effective solutions with a focus on commercial goals. Our goal is to provide comprehensive and effective legal support that helps clients achieve business success and minimize legal risks.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our experts assist clients in strategic decision-making regarding M&A, provide advice in the areas of sales and business reorganizations, and help companies with valuation, tax, and legal structuring as well as pre-investment checks. Our clients include multinational, local, and family businesses, private investors, private equity funds, insolvency administrators, financial institutions, and government agencies.


Our environmental law experts help clients secure environmental checks of their own or purchased businesses, provide legal advice on trading emission permits or applying for state support for renewable sources, and assess a company's liability for environmental damage. We also assist companies in creating internal regulations and implementing corporate sustainability strategies.

Real Estate

In the field of real estate law, our services cover everything from legal checks, obtaining mandatory permits and dealing with authorities, to preparing complete transaction documentation, financing, tendering suppliers, construction, and subsequent sale or lease. In construction, we ensure continuous legal support during the execution of a construction project, both in the office and directly at the construction site. We also advise clients on how to timely and consistently respond to potential threats of construction disruption and help set up an effective claim management system during the warranty period.

Tax Litigation

In this team, we represent clients especially during tax inspections and in courts and also advise on how to avoid tax disputes and other related risks. We closely cooperate with our colleagues from the tax team. At the same time, we not only monitor but also co-create the latest judicial approaches to resolving tax disputes. Our clients turn to us with questions about setting up corporate processes, which we help improve and modernize to prevent new disputes and protect management responsibility.

Business Integrity

The Business Integrity team consists of lawyers, forensic investigators, IT specialists, and financial and data analysts. Colleagues focus on preventing, detecting, and solving internal fraud, embezzlement, intellectual property rights violations, bribery, and other forms of white-collar economic crime. The investigation itself and gathering evidence is challenging not only in terms of technology and time but also in terms of expertise, as it usually requires knowledge in the fields of law, finance, accounting, taxes, IT and technologies, and also a specific industrial sector.

Corporate Law

Our experts from the corporate law team offer legal assistance in establishing, reorganizing, and transferring company shares, ensuring the correct application of legal regulations when distributing profit, conducting insolvency tests, and implementing stock and option plans. We also provide legal advice in the areas of liquidations, minority shareholder buyouts, and plant sales. Our goal is not only to ensure compliance with legal regulations but also to effectively support the business intentions of our clients.