We assist our clients across all areas of business and public administration in addressing complex challenges and the comprehensive transformation of their operations from A to Z. We apply our knowledge, experience, and multidisciplinary approach in areas such as strategy development, HR process setup, digitization, implementation of modern technologies, overseas expansion of the company, and in many other diverse projects. Without us, the client would have to establish their own team of experts. With us, they receive comprehensive consultancy and know-how under one roof.

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We design a variety of solutions especially for insurance companies, reinsurance companies, and insurance brokers. We guide companies through the complete setup of IT systems, starting from the initial IT business analysis, through requirement gathering, to the subsequent design of architecture and implementation. We can also assist in implementing the impacts of new regulations into business processes with project management.

Transport, Hospitality and Services

Large projects in the field of transportation are our daily bread – we prepare companies for the deployment of significant IT and telematic systems, help managers of transport companies ensure the right data for their decision-making, and advise them on the sale of their products.

Supply Chain

With clients, we address everything related to logistics, purchasing, planning, production management, and technologies. We touch upon information systems and applications, understand their data, and tailor them to the needs of the clients. We are also familiar with technologies incorporating elements of artificial intelligence.

Finance & Performance

We assist clients in the field of shared services and optimization of financial processes. Within diverse local and international projects, we engage in, for instance, the implementation of innovative tools for workflow or the creation of strategies for regional finance.

Human Capital Advisory

Human capital is the foundation of every company. In this direction, we address everything with clients, from strategic changes and transformation, setting corporate culture, approach to talent management, to education, employee development, and the possibilities of using HR analytics.

Energy & Resources

We are responsible for trading on commodity markets, the digitalization of energy, smart grids, and ensuring secure energy supplies. We design strategies for energy companies, deal with energy policy, and investments in infrastructure. We assist with the selection and implementation of various technologies, focusing on solutions from the field of innovative and digital solutions.


Our team focuses on projects for the public administration in areas of digitalization and the introduction of new technologies. We advise, for example, on how to respond to the impacts of crises, climate change, or how to reform science and research. In doing so, we create strategies that influence the entire country and lead to improved quality and efficiency of functioning.