Service Center Central Europe (CZ)

Deloitte Central Europe, as part of the global Deloitte structure, covers all offices operating in Central European countries such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. Individual Deloitte CE departments support local teams within the region and some of them are based in Prague - and even here of course we are recruiting new colleagues here. If an international environment appeals to you, Deloitte CE is the right place for you. See what our Prague CE teams are up to.

CE Teams illustrative image


Enabling Services

The Enabling Services department combines several diversified teams that address areas such as the legal agenda, establish and maintain proper data protection procedures, provide strategy and governance for finance, and take responsibility for complete client and contract onboarding processes in line with regulator expectations. The HR team is responsible for setting up work with talent, training and development and employee mobility.


The CE Information Technology team provides professional IT services in 20+ countries in Europe and elsewhere. It provides cutting-edge IT support for more than 12,000 Deloitte employees, but also focuses on driving technology, innovation, and automation across the firm, supporting the development of digital services and products for internal and external use and helping to identify innovative technologies.