Audit & Assurance

Audit is an essential tool for business owners, allowing them to understand how their business is truly performing. Our colleagues at our client companies carry out inventories, spot potential errors in vast amounts of data, and advise the client on how to avoid significant problems in the future. Assurance works similarly, which assures the client. Based on a large amount of data, analyses, and consultations, we determine the current state of the company. The expertise of Assurance professionals is often used in audit tasks as well as independent projects outside of audit.

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Financial Audit

Financial audit serves to independently verify a company's financial statements, facilitating the detection of potential discrepancies. It's not always about uncovering accounting fraud; sometimes it's an unintentional mistake that we have to detect amidst vast data using our tests. Our clients range from strategic players in both Czech and international economies to smaller companies.

IT Assurance

The IT auditor determines whether a company's IT environment is trustworthy and managed securely. Based on his findings, the financial auditor receives a report on whether everything is in order or if there's a risk – in which case the financial auditor would need to change their audit approach. An IT auditor must understand both business and IT issues and be familiar with general frameworks, procedures, and standards for IT system management.

Accounting & Reporting Advisory, IFRS Advisory

In the ARA team, we assist clients in navigating the complexities of accounting and reporting standards. We offer support in preparing financial statements according to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), implementing newly issued standards, and designing enterprise-wide processes for gathering information from subsidiaries or branches.

Business Assurance & CFO AGENDA

This team possesses all the experience and knowledge in the accounting field of efficient internal processes, effective internal controls, and innovative supporting technologies. They help our client companies maintain their "financial health" in a rapidly changing business environment. Working with both financial and non-financial data, ensuring compliance with legislation, risk management, or external reporting are just some of the many activities our colleagues from this team handle.

FSI Assurance

We provide advisory services in risk management, financial management and modeling, accounting according to IFRS 9 and 13, financial reporting, and regulation for banks, financial, and non-financial institutions. In banks, we develop and test mathematical models for estimating credit risk. We set up internal processes and regulations for effective risk management. When selling banks, we can calculate the fair price of the credit portfolio and oversee the valuation of derivatives and bond issuance.

Reporting, Proposal & Translation

Three teams that help us with outputs – they adjust offers for our clients according to corporate rules, give all documents and presentations the correct visual and formal aspect, and also adjust our internal presentations and design our internal materials. Last but not least, they facilitate our professionals' work by translating everything they can think of.