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Sustainability Intern


The value created by Risk Advisory for organisations is a synonym for operation excellence. We maximise performance of internal business operations by identifying, forecasting, solving and mitigating immediate threats and obstacles while increasing the value of the operations.

Sustainability Intern

What you will be doing:

• You will cooperate with Deloitte's experts on a coordination of Deloitte’s “green” activities
• You will conduct background research on sustainability and prepare presentations
• You will participate in events and communicate with external and internal partners over sustainability and green growth
• A scope will be provided for a candidate to come up with his/her own ideas for an implementation

What is important for us:

• Strong interest in the subject of sustainability and environment protection
• High school or first two years university student
• Ability to think logically and deliver good-quality outputs, often in the form of presentations
• Ability to work and think independently and come up with own ideas
• Self-discipline
• Good presentation skills
• Willingness to learn

What we offer:

• Opportunity to apply your creativity and interest in the area of sustainability
• Support in your professional development (mentoring, specialised training, certification, etc.)
• Flexible working hours

To apply:

• Send us a short video (around 1 or 2 mins) to explain why you are interested in working for Deloitte