Working while you are studying is not fun. We are well aware of this. At Deloitte, almost every fourth employee started working as a student to earn some extra money. Some stayed, while others went on with the first great reference on their CV.

Open positions for students

Great things have inconspicuous beginnings

Yes, there is a lot of work at Deloitte, but education always comes first. That is why it is possible to set up your work schedule as you need and take time off during the exam period. It will be a challenge! Deloitte is the ideal place to start your career, where you can make use of what you have learned at the university and complement it with practice and the best mentors from every field. Get practice at Deloitte!

Furthermore, do you know that you can combine your studies and work at Deloitte by writing your thesis with us?

For most of the junior positions, we require not only fluency in English but also Czech or Slovak language skills because you will work with Czech clients.

Here are some of the benefits you can look forward to:

  • Beer fest Beer fest
  • Bikebox Bikebox
  • Dry cleaner’s Dry cleaners
  • Company library Company library
  • Notebook Notebook
  • Refreshment Refreshment
  • Gym Gym
  • Training Training

Selection process

The selection process for each team and each position looks a little different. To get started, we will ask for your CV. During your first contact with HR, we will of course present to you all the steps that will follow. The selection process is a reciprocal decision-making process. There will certainly be a personal meeting with members of a specific team and an interview with a Partner at the end.

And after work?

Life is not just about work, but also about after work activities. And at Deloitte we also care about this. We enjoy it. Every year Beerfest and the legendary Christmas party take place. We also go to the mountains, do sports or go out for a beer after work. Moreover, we have new offices with a view of Prague, a fantastic terrace, countless places for meetings, or for working alone, a gym and a meditation room.

That does not sound bad, does it? Tell us about yourself. Maybe we are at the cusp of something really great.